Sunday, 25 October 2009

Central Park Pages

We fell in love with Central Park. An amazing place right in the city with so many different areas. Ponds and lakes, wonderful secluded areas, football and baseball pitches, running tracks, playgrounds and a just goes on and on.
Strawberry fields was not what we expected, I think the plants in the surrounding gardens are probably in bloom spring and early summer but there was nothing very special to see other than the mosaic and not a lot of 'peace' as there was a constant stream of people of all nationalities taking pictures.
I think I got a bit more creative with these pages and hope they give you a flavour of the park.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

New York Scrapbook

After our holiday my daughter asked me to make her a scrapbook. Taking quite a time but here are the first few pages.

All my spare time has been used on sorting and editing photos and getting the layouts ready. As we had nearly 200 photos choosing just a few for each of the memory pages has been really difficult.