Thursday, 18 September 2008

Busy Week.

Had a wonderful weekend in Manchester with crafting friends, especially Liz, Jak, Pam, Sue, Joy, Kath and Greta, and it was lovely to meet up again with old friends and some new ones.

Back to school Monday only to discover that Ofsted were coming for an inspection on Wednesday. Stacks of files, policies and paperwork to check and tidy and deliver to the room assigned for the inspectors - late nights Monday and Tuesday. Didn't help that one of the areas noted was Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, so was fully expecting to have everything scrutinised.

Wednesday arrived and by end of day I had had a nodded 'Hello' exchange with one of the inspectors as we passed in the Reception area. Nothing more. Wow - was that a good sign......or not?!?!

Head called a break-time meeting today to give us the results and we were given Grade 1 - Outstanding -for all five areas of inspection with - surprisingly?? - an overall Outstanding. So we can all breathe easily again.
That was my very last Ofsted as I will be retired before we are due another, so not a bad one to go out on.

Now I have developed a really bad sore throat and stuffy head. Just had Lemsip and going to bed with a supply of Strepsils. Hope it goes away. I have the family coming over for Sunday lunch and my son and his wife are bringing all the wedding photos. They have just got 195 proofs and a disc is coming shortly with several hundred more on it, in fact everything the photographer (my ex-daughter-in-law who has now qualified and started her own business) took on the day. Could be the entertainment for several family Sundays!

Perhaps next week I'll get time to make a card,

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Jak said...

Oh Jean what a way to end the week with a stinking cold, I hope it doesn't last long and you are soon feeling yourself and back on top form.