Friday, 2 May 2008

Four Legged Friends

Time to introduce Murphy and Mr. Simms.
My favourite picture of Murphy is this one with his puppy coat just before his first haircut. Bouviers don't shed so have to have a cut and blowdry about every two months. He was about 8 months and already weighing about 70lbs and was just a little on the large side for this chair.

The second photograph is at about 2years, and  90lbs. He is now 3, had his birthday on March 26th, but is still more of a loopy puppy than a growing up dog. He's probably not as bright as he might be, still can't be let off the lead as he can't master the idea that he has to come back every time he is called, after the first three or four times he gets bored and goes off looking for an adventure.

Good thing that we love him to bits.

This is Simms in typical cat pose. He's now 14 years old and is a real beauty. Always wanted a marmalade cat. His fur is really thick and he is very good at keeping his white bits white. He is still a bit of a hunter although doesn't bring home as many 'presents' as he used to, thank goodness.

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