Saturday, 17 May 2008

What a Week for the Band

Electric Nightmares formally releaed their CD this week and are now on the download sites. They were interviewed on our local television news - three of them had chance to talk to the presenter and for two thirteen year olds and a sixteen year old they did really well. They also included a short piece of them performing.

My eldest son was also interviewed as a 'proud parent' - much to his surprise - he had several calls from old friends who hadn't seen him for a while and comments like 'you haven't changed a bit' (highly original - not) 'you sounded very posh' -(think he had his best telephone voice on) to - 'You looked fat'. Considering that he is 6'2" and weighs in at about 11 stone either that 'friend' needs new glasses or the adage about television making you look heavier is true (not that much heavier though).

This morning they were also on Century radio and our local paper is supposed to be doing a piece on them too, so it is all very exciting for them. They have also had two gigs - one very successful and the other in a pub which was half empty. Last night they brought their acoustic guitars and Jessi had her bass and they jammed for over an hour at my son's birthday bash. The bar manager brought an empty barrel and ice bucket for Rob to use as he hadn't been able to smuggle his drums in the car - it was a surprise for the birthday boy. We had a great time - they played all their own songs and lots of covers too.

Guess next week could be very tame by comparison.

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Jak said...

I thought they did wonderful in the TV interview as did Sean the proud Father, can't believe how alike you are.