Sunday, 8 March 2009

My Dear Sister's Birthday.

My dear, and only, sister is 83 years young on Tuesday - and I do mean young. She is a retired Methodist minister - but forget the retired bit. I think she does as much now as she did when she was officially 'working'. Still takes services at least once every Sunday, sometimes three times. Does funerals, runs house groups and visits her 'old people' in nursing homes and hospitals but I wouldn't mind betting that she is older than most of them.

Difficult to buy for so have made her a writing set as she still writes to her grand-daughters who don't live near, and to many of her friends - they are all over the country from the time that she was stationed in various places by the church. Did think I would do something modern and bright but she is a very elegant lady, wears suits and shoes with heels- only about 2inch ones now but still... So this is what I decided on in the end.

The stamping is done using Papertrey 'Simply Stationery' with their Spring Rain inkpad. The image on the envelope is a larger version of the parts of the circular stamp. The cardstock is the same inside and out but has photographed darker in the 'open' picture.


Anonymous said...

Jean that is lovely and Im sure your sister will love and appreciate it. My eldest sister is 83 too and always on the go I think it is that era that created strong women..

PeeJay said...

This is beautiful Jean and I'm sure you're sister will love it.

missmeticulous said...

gorgeous Jean,your sister is sure to love it.
Gwen xx

Jan R said...

Wow Jean, that is a fabulous gift, so classy looking too. I'm sure your sisyer will be thrilled with it and asking for refills in the coming months!

Anonymous said...

I'd be delighted to receive a gift like that as I too still write letters. I think it's a lovely gift and looks so elegant Jean. Your sister is going to be thrilled. Lovely idea.

Trace x

Jak Heath said...

I love it and I'm sure your young sister (wink) will too.

Norma said...

its lovely Jean and i bet your sister will love it.
I was going tomake some of these for my charity fair but did'nt get round to it, typical

Norma x

Carol said...

This is beautiful I'm sure she'll love it she sounds like a lovely kind lady. I hope she has a wonderful Birthday


Toni said...

How beautiful jean and so elegant

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Stunning card Jean

Chris x

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