Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Black and Bling

I love black and white and so black and bling sounded even better. Problem was that I got carried away with the Stickles and put it on all the stamped images. Only when I put the ribbon on did I realise that I had put it under the ribbon too so it's a bit bobbly. The option was to take it all to bits and start again ........so I've settled for the bobbly one. Still the rhinestones aren't spoiling anything.

Stamps: Papertrey
Ink: Papertrey


Pat said...

Jean that is just lovely
Pat aka Handy

Joanie said...

It's lovely Jean, I am a bit like that with stickles, always go a bit OTT! but I don't think it is too much myself, and the ribbon looks fine.
Joanie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Jean, not spoilt at all.

Trace x

Jak Heath said...

love the card jean, I would just pick the bling off from uner that ribbon.

Toni said...

Its lovely jean

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean its lovely but have to agree with Jak Id get rid of the bumps under the ribbon.Otherwise its my kind of card:0)

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Wow I love this one into B&W at the moment.

Chris x

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